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This "How To Buy" page will guide you step by step through the process of ordering and paying for your T-shirts. We have been trying hard to make your shopping experience with us easy, convenient and most importantly, secure.However, you can contact us at if you find yourself having any trouble.

You can read our FAQs for more details.

PS. About choosing color, if you prefer color in "OTHER COLOR" section, you can add details in "INSTRUCTION TO SELLER" while checking out with Paypal. Or, you can directly email us at with details too.
We prefer PayPal

We at chose Paypal as the main payment gateway, however, if you come from some Paypal trusted countries like USA or UK, you can use all major Credit Cards to pay directly via Paypal without signing up. But, if you don't have any Credit Cards and Paypal account, you can pay
via WESTERN UNION too (To pay via WESTERN UNION, please contact us at for more details).

The reason that we chose Paypal as the main payment method is because we want you to feel more secure and safe than mailing a check or handing over your credit card information to a total stranger like other shopping websites where you have to submit your confidential information to the site, which is very risky.

When paying with Paypal, your credit card and/or bank numbers are never seen by anybody. Your financial information stays absolutely safe. As our’s shopping cart is fully integrated and powered by Paypal, you can purchase multiple items on our website with a single payment, browse your entire selection, and view a list of all the items in the cart before purchasing. You can use all major credit cards or debit cards to pay securely via Paypal.

However, in order to pay via paypal, most of you are supposed to sign up for a Paypal account first. There is never a need to worry about your privacy, because Paypal keeps your account information safe. That is why more than 10 million people from around the world use Paypal to send and receive money.

STEP 1: Find Your T-shirts

1.Select your T-shirt size. (For sizing guide click here.) on the 'Add to Cart' button.

The t-shirt will be automatically added to your shopping cart.
(You can select your T-shirt size and click the Add to Cart button on both the
catalogue page and each quick view page of each design.)

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STEP 2: Proceed

After clicking on Add to Cart button, it will automatically launch a new secure page hosted by PayPal displaying the contents of your Shopping Cart.

  1. If you want to buy more T-shirts, just click on “Continue shopping” button. (The Paypal web page will close, and you will be taken back to Then, just simply repeat Step 1.)

  2. After you have finished shopping click "Check Out" button on Your Paypal Shopping Cart page to go the next step. (Please check that your order is 100% correct - item no., size, quantity- before you click on “Check Out” button.)

    ps. You can check your cart buy clicking on "View Cart" button (located on nearly every page) to view what are already in your shopping cart.
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STEP 3 : Check Out

After you have clicked “Proceed to checkout” button, you will see a new secure Paypal. You can make payment by major credit card (or by using your PayPal account if you prefer.)

1. Click at the arrow to check the details of your order.

2. If you are NOT already a Paypal member and you wish to pay by credit card, you use the left side of this screen, click “Sign up for a PayPal account and continue checkout” to move to the next step.

3. If you are already a Paypal member and you want to pay with your PayPal account, you login on the right side of the screen. Enter your email address and your existing Paypal password. If there are sufficient funds in your Paypal account to pay for the item, or if the account is funded with a credit card, then the amount of the purchase will be deducted from your account balance or sending limit. Finally, you'll get one last summary screen of the order - and to complete the order, you'll need to click “Pay Now” button to complete your purchase. That's it.

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STEP 4 : Sign Up

If you are not living in some Paypal's trusted countries and you do not have a Paypal account and you decide to make a purchase by your credit card, you will have to fill the form below to sign up for a Paypal account. You just sign up for this Paypal account once because, next time, you can use your Paypal account to pay for the next purchase. Once you sign up for PayPal, you can send money to anyone with an email address and you can make payment on other websites with your credit card, debit card or with you Paypal balance.
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STEP 5 : Review

This is one last step of review your payment information and make sure it is correct. You can either edit the information or complete the checkout process by clicking on “Pay Now” button. That's it. Congratulations, you've completed your purchase!

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STEP 6 : Finish

After your payment, you will see a page confirming that your payment has been completed. Later, you will receive 2 emails from Paypal. The first one is the e-mail that telling you to verify yourself and your credit card. You just simply follow the instruction to complete your registration with Paypal. You only have to do it once. And you will receive another e-mail in your mailbox which is the confirmation email from "" showing you the details of your purchase.

Now, we will acknowledge in receipt of your order and we will ship out your purchase within a week. Shipment is directly from Thailand via registered airmail. It usually takes 1-4 week(s) to reach your door.

You can read our FAQs for more information. Click here.


Terms & Conditions


About the Shipping


We use Registered Airmail by Thailand Post to deliver your order to you in order to ensure that the package won't be shipped to the wrong home or wrong person. However, this service requires your signature so there must be someone at your home when the postman tries to delivery your package.

However, there were some cases that the packages were sent back to us because there was nobody home and the recipient didn't go to the post office to claim the package. In this case, we will ship the package back to our customer again as standard mail which doesn't require any signature. But, we are not responsible if the package was lost during this second delivery. And, in case our customers decided to get the refund instead of new delivery, we will refund the cost of the goods only as the shipping fee is not refundable. And, there is a 20 percent restocking fee if you prefer to get the refund.


About the Color


Each design of our t-shirts and shorts comes with several colors, but we can only show you 1-2 colors on our website, so if we don't have the same color of t-shirt or shorts shown on our catalog available in the stock, then we will contact you back via your email in Paypal and you can tell us the color you want for the same design or you can change the design to the new design with the same color on our catalog.

However, if we contact you via your email already, but you do not reply our email then we will send you the same design that you bought in the color that available and we think you will like it.


About the Size


We have 4 sizes for most t-shirts and hoodie which are SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and EXTRA LARGE. However, we only show size MEDIUM and LARGE for most t-shirts because some t-shirts are made in those 2 sizes only. So, if you would like to have size SMALL or EXTRA LARGE, then, you have to contact us directly at the email "" to check the stock for you.

Moreover, we would like to inform you that even every t-shirt is made with exact size, however, the size of some t-shirts after being stone-washed or acid-washed may be little bigger or smaller like 2-3 centimetres from the exact size. So, if you are super serious about the exact size of the t-shirts, then, you must let us know in the "Instruction to seller" in Paypal or you may email us at the email "". This way, we can check the exact size for you. But, if you didn't state this special request, it will officially mean that you are ok with this issue.


Out of Stock


As we are having increasing of customer, so sometimes some design can be out of stock quickly and it take a week or a month before that design will be on the line of production again.

So, if you happened to bought that design during it is out of stock, then we will contact you back via your email in Paypal and you can change the design to the new design that available at the moment. Or, you can tell us to refund the payment of that t-shirt or shorts.

However, if we contact you via your email already, but you didn’t reply our email then we will refund the money back to you.

To buy from our website, it means you agree and understand our policies already.

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