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We create this special "LOVE THE EARTH" project for the year 2013 which is the year that people believe that it might be the end of the world. (we really hope they are wrong though). So, at the end of the year, if we can survive 2012, we will donate part of the profit to some foundations that we believe that they can make this world a better place. And the first one that we think is The Sueb Nakhasatien Foundation.

This foundation is named after Mr. Sueb Nakhasatien who was a chief of wildlife protection ranger at Huay Khakhaen National Park, Thailand. He committed suicide on September 1, 1990 as he was frustrated and distressed by widespread corruption in the Royal Forest Department back then. His death brought attention to the tragedy of Thailand's disappearing wildlife as never before.

So, this foundation will help protect wildlife in Thailand as Sueb Nakhasatien had wished. (read more) Why we chose this charity? Because we love wildlife and we hope you love them too.

However, we always donate to other charities like Red Cross too. So, buying our products means you are helping us make this world a better place my friend.

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